Sunday, 11 January 2015

7 Portes

Tara and I were particularly lucky to get some money from my dad and his girlfriend so that we could eat out. This money came to us at the last leg of our trip, so most of our eating out was done in Barcelona.

Rather than go crazy at the one joint, we decided we'd try a few different things. The first stop was a restaurant called 7 Portes (pronounced "set port-es"). This was, very much, a classy restaurant. There was a doorman, all of the waiters were dressed in tuxedos and the décor was unmistakeably upper class. The restaurant had also been frequented by a number of famous faces, among whom were Buzz Aldrin, Yoko Ono, Pelé and Elizabeth Taylor—just to name a few.
It's in Portuguese, so no translation from me!

Unfortunately, 7 Portes didn't manage to live up to its reputation. Whilst waiting for our meal, we were served with dinner rolls, which we were to later find out would cost us about $5 Australian a pop. The waiter was bored and inattentive; he clearly wasn't happy to be working there.

We opted for the seafood paella at 7 Portes, which wasn't too bad. It came with prawns, mussels, lobster and calamari, as well as a sausage that surely felt somewhat out of place. The sauce was, perhaps, a little salty, though the seafood was cooked to perfection. All in all, it wasn't a bad meal, though it was hardly Barcelona's best paella as they had earlier claimed.
Paella parellada

Tara and I decided not to stay at 7 Portes for very long after our meal. That just didn't seem like the kind of thing to do at that restaurant and I suspect that we were both a little scared of the waiter who had served us.

Perhaps the coolest thing about 7 Portes was the opportunity to say that you'd been there. I was left with the impression that the reputation of the restaurant had become that good and it had been frequented by so many "important" people that the restaurant hardly needed to try anymore. On our receipt it said "at your table dined Vicente Fox, president of México", which says it all really.

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