Thursday, 14 August 2014

Changing Impressions

At the start of the year at O-week I was roped into writing a goal for the year on a blackboard for an Officeworks promotion. Scared to death of the prospect of 18 lectures of Biochemistry, I wrote "to survive Biochemisty" as my goal.

The start of semester was accompanied with a genuine sense of fear that Biochemisty would ruin my chances of doing well in our core subject, MCB. For the uninitiated, MCB is a mash up of 5 different subject areas and is Dante's 10th ring of hell.

As it happens, after the first three weeks of semester, I found that I really loved Biochem. Sure, metabolism was just about the worst thing in the world—you try rattling off names of enzymes for a week—but the rest of it was genuinely interesting. Our lecturer was quite obsessed with protein structure, and this was fine. It's a genuinely interesting field that I really enjoyed.

Sadly, I had the opposite experience with microbiology. Before last semester, I genuinely loved microbiology. The idea that there's a whole world of biological complexity unavailable to the naked eye is one that fascinates me. Unfortunately, this didn't translate to a particularly good experience or interest in microbiology. The lecturer was entertaining but disorganised, and the content was laborious and boring.

Both experiences made me reassess my year and my future. I had been so sure that I'd enjoy microbiology that I had signed up for the second semester subject already and bought the textbook months before it started. I unenrolled from that subject and have now found myself doing Biochem—go figure.

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