Thursday, 27 February 2014

Private Hell

Recently, I've become more engaged—at least in discussion amongst my friend—about the debate of government vs non-government. Indeed, I've spoken about it a little bit here. I've also managed to form a pretty consistent argument in support of an abolition of the non-government system of schooling, as farfetched a policy that would be. It was with great satisfaction that I stumbled across this article in The Age.

It must be said that I don't agree with all of its contents, though the great majority I do. For instance, I'm not sure that I share the author's enthusiasm for selective schools. In Victoria at least, more so than some private schools, the selective schools create the division that the author discusses. In fact, the selective schools in Victoria are often mistaken for and spoken of in the same breath as the élite private schools.

The author does, however, make an extremely convincing point. It is very rare that those who are opposed to the non-government system manage to make a creative or mildly sensible point that isn't about fairness and equality; she has succeeded completely. And that is exactly why I would encourage all of you to have a read of this article. My arguments, my points, if I may say so myself, are pretty good. I know, instinctively, that my medium is speech and to write it down when this article presents itself would be to waste my time (for the moment, expect my thoughts later on this matter). So off you hop now, give it a read!

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