Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Calendar!

You'd be hard pressed to find a period in the year (years?) that is more chock-a-block with clichés than New Years eve and New Years Day. No matter how your daily info comes, it'll be sure to include the latest weight loss tip for the new year, investment secrets that are completely exclusive and, for the only mildly unintelligent, the next cure for cancer.

New Years brings with it some more benign clichés as well. Being grateful (or completely ungrateful) for your year on Facebook is certainly one that's popped up recently. It's a convenient one too, as it often leads to yet another failed resolution, another favourite on New Years. There are, of course, fireworks too. They're nice, as long as you're watching them on TV or the banks of the Yarra, not in your neighbour's back yard.

A cliché that I've especially noticed lately is complaining about all the clichés. ABC's The Drum (my personal favourite) was exclusively devoted to this purpose today. One of the articles bemoaned the pointless reason to motivate oneself whilst the other just poked fun at it—both suitably cynical.

World leaders love a bit of the New Years spirit. The pope's address is one of the more popular, giving him an opportunity to spruik the hoax that just keeps on giving. Dashed with some lines about hope and love for one another, it almost sounds slightly good. Predictably, Tony Abbott stacked his with the usual bullshit, taking yet another opportunity to bash the carbon tax. He was even so bold as to evoke Donald Horne's The Lucky Country, talking about how great we all are and what a great position we're in...thanks Labor!

No matter how your New Years comes, whether you make a resolution or two, or just don't bother, it is always a fantastic opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Some call it just another over commercialised event (see Christmas, Easter), but if the worst business can do is force you to spend time with your family and friends, then let them do their worst.

Happy New Years everyone :)

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