Friday, 30 August 2013

USA Facebook Post

Unsurprisingly, the United States has announced that they will intervene in Syria regardless of whether the UNSC gives the go-ahead to military intervention. They believe that they have incontrovertible evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its people (just like they had undeniable evidence that Iraq was making weapons of mass destruction).
How can a nation espouse democracy when they consistently ignore the democracy of the world, when they refuse to enter any organisation without veto power?
How can a nation criticise other nations of Human Rights abuses, when it fails to ratify the large majority of international treaties on human rights, most of which have been ratified by nearly every sovereign nation on earth?

The United States is the most unbelievably hypocritical nation in the world. It plays to the notion that it is the defender of the world's peace and is the common voice of democracy. It is not. The United States has had one of the most suffocating influences on democracy and has consistently put its own objectives before international peace. It demands, as it will in this case, to hold other nations to account for their abuses of human rights and international law, but refuses any other nation or organisation the ability to hold it to account by crying foul about sovereignty.

The United States disregards the organs of international law and maintains a law unto itself. Its view of the world is that it should follow one set of rules and the rest of the rule should follow another. Internally, it focuses nearly all of its legislative power onto the one person. Internationally, it acts in the same manner as the dictates from whom it seeks to "liberate" the people.

If we follow the US into Syria, this is what we support. We support a disregard for international law, a disregard for the UNSC and a disregard for peace. Harden up, KRudd.

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